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New for Christmas 2017: Gardening Mugs!

If you’re south of the equator, you’re about to start summer, and that means gardening! Whether you’re planting flowers, veggies, or herbs, there’s something very satisfying in working in the earth and making things grow. Even here in the northern part of the globe, where winter is upon us, gardeners are hard at work plotting out next year’s plantings, cleaning and storing tools, and going through seed catalogues.

My grandmother always had a garden full of tomatoes, beans, cucumbers, squash, and other assorted salad makings. Fully half of her huge back yard was given over to it, and she was always pruning, weeding, picking, cooking, and canning. She would rotate the crops, balance the nitrogen, and always leave one quarter fallow for a season, and all of her effort was rewarded with a soil so deep and rich you couldn’t walk through the garden barefoot without growing extra toes.

Me? I can kill decorative ceramic plants. My one attempt to start a small herb garden off of the porch resulted in a wild thicket of mint that threatened to take over the whole yard. I had to dig it out down to the clay before it would stop growing back. Even now, the smell of certain chewing gum will give me nightmares.

If you know a successful gardener, chances are that you’ve been inundated with gifts of food throughout the year. Return the favor with one of our great Gardening mugs!

1. To Do List

They say you should talk to your plants. I imagine that’s because you never have time to socialize with other people.

2. Don’t throw in the trowel

Many martial arts weapons are based on agricultural tools, and horror movies use old sheds full of rusty scythes and axes for an instant creepy factor. Gardening is not wimpy is what I’m getting at here.

3. It’s a Vine Day for Gardening

Even though by the time you’re spinached, you’re busheled. But gardeners don’t seem to carrot all. Okay, okay…

4. Science!

If I were any better at gardening, I’d want a greenhouse with all of the tubing and timers and adjustable frequency lighting and misters and such. Not much of a green thumb but I seriously love gadgets and engineering.

5. Recipe

This is why I only plant dandelions and crabgrass. I know they’re going to grow.

This is just a small selection of the Gardeners mugs we have available. Remember, you can always have a mug Custom Designed for your favorite plant putterer.