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November Holidays, 2019

It’s the first day of October as I’m writing this. Where the heck did the year go? Wasn’t summer just starting a couple of weeks ago? Actually, I’m happy that autumn has arrived. Not only is the weather great and the changing leaves pretty, but three of the biggest holidays are in the last quarter. The kids get stuffed on candy on Halloween, everybody gets stuffed on turkey on Thanksgiving, and we travel to family for gifts and more food on Christmas. (Then we all make the same New Year’s resolution to exercise and get rid of all the stuffing of the last three months.)

While those are the three big ones, there are all kinds of reasons to celebrate in November. Check out these special days!

1. November 6 – Saxophone Day

Probably the best of the woodwinds, saxophones are essential for jazz, blues, and noir soundtracks.

2. November 13 – World Kindness Day

Encourage everyone to be a little more selfless.

3. November 17 – Take a Hike Day

This day assumes you’re not somewhere that already has snowfall measured in feet.

4. November 22 – Take a Ride Day

A lot of people travel for Thanksgiving; may as well make it a celebration.

5. November 28 - Thanksgiving

No explanation needed.

6. 1st Week – Chemistry Week

Always the most exciting science class in high school, mainly because of the potential for explosions.

7. Aviation History Month

For those of you that enjoy taking to the skies.

8. National Model Railroad Month

And those that not only prefer ground-based transportation, but also like it to scale.

9. National Novel Writing Month

1667 words per day for thirty days. Have you got it in you?

If you’ll be celebrating any of these, be sure to get your orders in early to make sure you have your new mugs in time! Remember, U.S. orders of two or more get free shipping!