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November Holidays, 2020

Welcome to October! Now that autumn (or spring, for our southern hemisphere people) has started, we can look forward to some temperate weather for a bit. This is the best time to do things outside or, failing that, at least opening up the windows for fresh air.

The last quarter of the year always seems to go by incredibly quickly, with holidays, family gatherings, school midterms, and more all piling up at the same time. It’s easy to overlook things when there’s that much going on, and that’s one reason we like to note celebrations a month early. So let’s do that!

1. November 6 - Book Lovers Day

In addition to Book Lovers Day, November also holds Author’s Day, Young Readers Week, and is the National Novel Writing Month. It’s a very literary part of the calendar.

2. November 10 – World Science Day

The more we learn about our world, our biology, chemistry and physics, the more we will accomplish even greater things.

3. November 17 – Go for a Hike Day

Remember when we mentioned doing things outside up there in the intro? This is a great option.

4. November 26 – Thanksgiving

Whether you go all in on the standard turkey dinner or prefer a non-traditional meal, this is the day to be grateful for the ones you love.

5. Week 2 - Global Entrepreneurship Week

Every business has to start somewhere. This is the week to celebrate working toward your dreams and building success.

6. Week 3 - Game and Puzzle Week

After the work is done, it’s time to play. For some, that means solving puzzles. For others, tabletop or computer games.

7. International Drum Month

Keep the beat all month.

8. Adopt a Senior Pet Month

Yes, puppies and kittens are adorable, but don’t discount the older animals at the adoption shelter. They are every bit as loving, if not as energetic.

These are just a few of the things you can celebrate in November. Have your own special day to commemorate? Search for related gifts from our home page. And remember, U.S. orders of two or more mugs get free shipping. That’s something everybody can celebrate!