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October Holidays

Happy September!

Now that the temperatures are finally starting to come down, the kids are back in school, and we’re shuffling back to work after the Labor Day holiday, it’s time to look ahead and see what October has in store for us. There are a couple of big holidays—Columbus Day, if you’re a fan of lost Italian navigators, or Indigenous People’s Day, if you think the whole 1492 thing was a mistake. And there’s the big costume-and-candy bonanza at the end of the month, of course.

Let’s take a look at some of the other celebrations coming up!

1. October 1 – International Coffee Day

A day that’s very special to us! We hope you’ll celebrate it, too! Find your new favorite coffee mug or tumbler here.

2. October 5 – World Teachers Day

They don’t get nearly enough recognition, or thanks, or funding. Today’s homework is to review our teacher mugs here.

3. October 7 – World Smile Day

Not only will you feel better, people will wonder what you’re up to. Keep on smiling (or don’t) with our collection here.

4. October 12 – Farmer’s Day

If you enjoy a nice cup of coffee after a good meal, remember that someone had to grow that food first. Check out our crop of farmer mugs here.

5. October 16 – Boss’ Day

Bureaucracy aside, sometimes it’s nice when someone else has to make the decisions (and take the blame). Did you get the memo? Other Boss mugs are here.

6. October 19 – National New Friends Day

Co-conspirators, confidants, and companions; where would we be without our friends? We have more friend mugs here.

7. October 29 – National Internet Day

If you can read this, thank a coder! Take a <br> and check out more programmer mugs here.

8. October 31 – Halloween

Stay fueled up for a night of ghosties and goblins. Browse our other Halloween mugs here if you dare!

These are just a few of the celebrations and observances throughout October. Be sure to order your mugs early so you’ll have them on hand. Remember: U.S. orders get free shipping for two or more mugs!