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Of Course, Of Course

I read a lot of “swords-and-sorcery” fantasy, and they almost all have horses in them. Huge groups of mounted cavalry heading to battle, a farmer whose big draft horse is his most valuable possession, messengers racing to deliver news, a rogue galloping away just ahead of the local guard. Sometimes the horses are magical, with extraordinary abilities that usually serve the main characters on their journey. Very few of these books delve into the ins and outs of taking care of the horses because, let’s face it, that’s not very exciting. Similarly, if it doesn’t lead to a plot point or important encounter, the horses never slip their girth, buck off their riders, have to rest, bite each other, kick, require lunging, get sick, go lame, beg for sugar, or engage in any other horse-like behavior.

Anyone who has spent a good bit of time around horses knows that they require a lot of care. Whether they’re being used for work, competition, or just to carry tourists around, you have to keep them clean, healthy, and well fed. And taking care of their hooves is extremely important. Trimming and balancing, shoeing, frog cleanliness and support, treating hot nails and street nails, repairing cracks… it’s a very specific care routine, and most horse owners schedule regular visits from a farrier, a specialist that is a combination of blacksmith and veterinarian. They can help keep the horse’s feet sound and strong so the animal can keep pulling, competing, etc. without pain or injury.

The second week of July is National Farriers Week, so if you or someone you know is into horses, a new horse mug is a great gift!

1. Labor of Love

A lot of responsibility, but a lot of reward, too.

2. Bearing Gifts

The secret to immediately getting on my good side.

3. Best Wishes

Though much bigger than a dog, horses can be just as affectionate. We recommend against holding them in your lap, however.

4. Simple Needs

I don’t think that’s too much to ask. It’s not like it’s a super long list.

5. Hair of the Dog...uh...Horse

It’s so much easier to justify spending money on someone (or something) else rather than ourselves.

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