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December 28 is National Card Day. Now, whoever created the observance was probably thinking about Thank You cards for gifts and such, it being right after the holidays and all, but why limit yourself? You can pick up a new pack of playing cards for a couple of dollars and get everyone together for a poker night or rummy marathon. There are also plenty of other card games beyond the standard deck, such as Uno or Apples to Apples. Or go for the action with an RPG card set like Magic: The Gathering. If you’re starting a company or just got a promotion, there’s real satisfaction in cracking open a fresh box of business cards with your new title. And don’t forget the all-important library card. Keep up with your favorite authors. Or discover new ones!

One card set that is often overlooked is the tarot. There is an amazing range of them available, with intricate artwork, modern interpretations, various themes, different Arcana, and more. Movie writers love to use the tarot as harbingers of doom (the Death card, oh no!) because they don’t understand how it works. If you’re a fan, believer, practitioner, or artist/designer, we have tarot mugs!

1. The First Estate

After seven cups of coffee, you probably can see the future.

2. Consult the Cards

Whether you use them for games or divination, keep your deck close.

3. Forearmed

I’m keeping an eye on you. Stay away from my mug.

4. The Answer is…

What are three things you need a lot of?

5. Table Magic

It’s all in how you interpret that.

If tarot cards hold no interest for you, you can do a search from our home page to find the things you enjoy. Remember, U.S. orders of two or more mugs get free shipping!