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According to archaeologists, brewing beer is one of the signs of a stable civilization. All over the world, in almost every culture, the domestication of cereal grains was followed almost immediately by beer brewing. In ancient Egypt, brewing was a community project. In medieval Europe, brewing became tightly regulated, with families fighting to be recognized as the official brewers for their community. There were even Parliamentary rules written about what could be considered beer, based on brewing methods and ingredients. Nowadays, every bar and pub offers dozens of microbrews and imports. You can even become your own brewmaster for as little as $60.

Oktoberfest begins on September 22 this year. Don’t worry; it runs until October 7, so it’s not a total misnomer. Whether you’re headed to Munich, one of your local fests, or staying in and brewing your own, be prepared with one of our great beer mugs!

1. The Classic

There are hundreds of thousands of different beers available, but purists will insist that German beer is the best worldwide. The fun part of those arguments is the taste tests.

2. Exhibit A

There’s an inverse relationship to how full the glass is and how satisfied you are with life.

3. Follower

Don’t want to rock the boat, right?

4. What Limit?

If everybody only had one, our favorite bars would go out of business. We’re just being economically supportive.

5. Celebrate!

If you can’t have a few small things that make you happy, what’s the point?

6. Optimism

You’re just making room, that’s all.

7. Better Living Through Chemistry

Though we suggest that you not use either bromine or beryllium in your homebrew.

8. Step Aside

You know what you like. Why rely on someone else’s recipe?

9. Sound Advice

This way, you’re not restricted by the pub or store hours.

10. Afflicted

The only treatment is to make more beer. It’s terrible. Really.

This is just a small selection of the great beer mugs we have in stock. Remember, it’s only a coffee mug when you put coffee in it.