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On the Catwalk

I’ve worked in advertising, and it’s a truism that putting attractive people in your ads and commercials increases sales. You don’t even have to show the whole person in some cases. I once met a woman who was a professional hand model. Whenever a casting director needed beautiful hands to display jewelry or perform some close-up task such as using a kitchen gadget, she’d get a call. She’d been well paid for hundreds of ads, and you’d never recognize her on the street.

Modeling, even part time, can be a fun way to get paid to travel, dress up, and play with shiny new toys. If you hit the trade show circuit, attract attention in your haute couture, or just stick to local commercials, pick up one of our modeling mugs!

1. Full-Time Awesome

You don’t want to brag, so let this mug do it for you!

2. Fake it ‘til you make it.

There are worse things you could be doing until a plan comes together. Play it right, and modeling could very well become your career.

3. No Paparazzi!

Everyone needs a break from the cameras. Relax with your favorite beverage and keep the adoring crowds at bay.

4. Simon Says

There are different kinds of models. If you are an outstanding example of someone who’s made good choices in life, spread the word!

5. A Warning to Others

And sometimes our choices backfire spectacularly.

These are just a few of the modeling mugs we have available. We can also customize a mug with the name of your agency, a headshot, or other promotional info!