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Once More With Feeling

I sing all of the time, in the shower, in the car, working, making dinner, cleaning the house. I’ve always enjoyed music, and I have all kinds of playlists for various activities and moods. I sing for my happiness, not accuracy, so if I crack a note or mess up some lyrics, no big deal. But that’s also why I don’t sing in public.

You’re welcome.

I admire people that can get up on a stage and confidently sing. In a professional context, like a concert or a musical, it’s still impressive, but kind of required. I’m talking more about Open Mic nights, school talent shows, and karaoke.

The last week in April is National Karaoke Week, so if you’re one of those fortunate people with perfect pitch, a great voice, or just the boldness to get up on that stage, celebrate with one of our karaoke mugs!

1. What Harmony?

I have witnessed many people who, though they had the courage to grab the microphone, did not have the voice.

2. Feed the Need

Everybody expresses themselves in different ways. Yours involves a backbeat. No shame.

3. Again?

Maybe don’t let the extroverted show-off in the group pick the bar every time.

4. Bribes

On the other hand, if you want to get them to come along more often...

5. The Beginning

This is how it starts. When you can’t keep it bottled up, and then feel the drive to share it.

You can find more of our fun karaoke mugs at the link there. And if you have a singing partner or three, get them a mug, too! U.S. orders of two or more mugs get free shipping!