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Sometimes parents have to make their children do things they may not want to do because it’s good for them: brushing their teeth, eating vegetables, going to school. But taking medicine is probably one of the hardest. Pills can be too big to swallow comfortably, and/or very bitter. And if the medicine is a liquid, it probably comes in one of three flavors: bubble gum, cherry, or grape, all of which manage to taste nothing like bubble gum, cherry, or grape, and may, in fact, ruin you on bubble gum, cherry, and grape for some time.

Pharmacists have learned, though. Now there are multiple flavor additives available, and they actually do taste like whatever the label says. They’re more prevalent for liquids, but some pills can be coated, too. It’s just another way that your pharmacist tries to make it easy to keep your family healthy.

January 12 is National Pharmacist Day, so thank your favorite prescription filler with one of our fun Pharmacist mugs!

1. Unlimited Refills

Your pharmacist can keep their energy up with this fun pill bottle mug.

2. The To Do List

You definitely don’t want to mix those two up.

3. Labels

It’s fun to watch people’s reactions, though.

4. Whoops

Another good reason to make sure your pharmacist stays awake and alert.

5. Contents Under Pressure

This label mug will let everyone know what to expect.

6. Pay Attention

Seriously, follow the directions. Bad things can happen otherwise.

7. Zoom!

Whatever keeps you going throughout the day.

8. Balance

This also applies to depression, hyperactivity, focus...

9. Finished the Course

For those that might not be so intact, there are prescriptions that can help. But you probably knew that.

10. Empty

For the pharmacist in all of us.

You can see our whole collection of pharmacist mugs by clicking HERE. If you have another profession to celebrate, you can use the search tools on our home page. And remember, U.S. orders of two or more mugs get free shipping!