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Patching Us Up

If you’ve never had to go to the hospital or emergency department because of illness or injury, good for you! It’s a traumatic time. You’re confused and desperate. You’re in pain. And you’re probably more than a little irritated or frustrated.

Don’t take it out on the nurses.

Or any of the staff, really, but especially the nurses. They’re the ones that are going to evaluate you, get the details, find you a bed, dispense medicine, control visitor access, and generally be your shepherd through the whole ordeal. It’s an extremely difficult job, but it can also be so rewarding.

The first and fourth weeks of May are Nurse’s Week and Emergency Medical Services Week, respectively. If you have the opportunity, thank one of these hardworking medical professionals for all that they do. A coffee mug is a great gift. A nurse coffee mug is an even better one!

1. Don’t Argue

They went to school for this and everything. Not to mention all of the professional hours they’ve clocked.

2. The Refrain

Not appropriate anywhere outside of a clinical setting.

3. Confidence!

Funny how I immediately start to worry.

4. Power Source

Nurses sometimes have to go long periods between sips. This tumbler can keep coffee hot for hours.

5. Patient Instructions

Take your meds, change your dressings, elevate your limbs, don’t operate machinery. Whatever instructions your nurse gives you, it’s not because of boredom; they’re kind of necessary.

6. Turning the Tables

It’s nice to have someone to come home to that’ll take care of you for a bit.

7. Overachiever

It’s wonderful that you’re following instructions, but there is such a thing as taking it too far.

8. To Do List

You could use the same mug for both. Just saying.

9. No Mirrors, Please

They’re prioritizing your care over their appearance. Don’t give them any grief about it.

10. Temporary

While they can get overwhelmed just like anyone else, they don’t have many ways to express that.

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