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Perl Before Swine

My best friend is a programmer, and as far as I’m concerned, he’s a wizard. I don’t understand the first thing about coding, so it always astounds me when he doodles in Notepad for a few hours, then presents a fully-functional website or app or data mining tool.

This time period has been called “the age of the geek” due to how reliant we are on our electronics. From Siri to SaaS, Google to games, online shopping to video conferencing, there are hundreds of thousands of people working behind the scenes to make it as easy, useful, and painless as possible. Take a moment to thank your favorite code jockeys with one of our developer and programmer mugs!

1. If-Then-Else

My friend maintains that everything in life can be boiled down to two choices if you have enough conditionals.

2. Question the answers

This was the part of programming that always frustrated me. Whenever I built something that worked, I didn’t know how I’d done it, so I couldn’t replicate it. My coding style is best described as “flailing.”

3. Cascade

You did remember to save the last version, didn’t you? Oh well, we can always patch the patch.

4. Symbol Minded

It helps when deciding which ports to access.

5. 10 Types of People

Those who speak binary, and those who don’t.

6. Stop Java, Get Java

Whether it’s coffee, Mountain Dew, or some other beverage, tell people to back off until you’re ready to deal with their foolishness again.

7. The only tools you need

Archimedes famously said “Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world.” Code is the lever; coffee is the fulcrum.

8. Batch Processing

When your program goes from modeling the weather, to predicting it, to controlling it.

9. Fragged

Programmers are very touchy about their babies, so mitts off.

10. Base Three

A great set for the IT Department. Three printed key cups on a circuit board tray.

This just a selection of the cool developer and programmer mugs we have available. Want a mug customized with a name, picture, or favorite bit of code? We can do that, too!