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Rockin’ Out

If your ideal day out is described with words such as “valleys,” “escarpments,” or “peaks,” August 1st is the day for you. That’s National Mountain Climbing Day, so get out there and hit the trail! It doesn’t matter if you’re on two wheels or strapping on a chalk bag and figure-8, we’ve got the mugs to celebrate the adventure!

1. Stay out of my lane

I deal with enough congestion on my daily commute. I don’t need hikers blocking the trail, too.

2. Worth the climb

It might be a long, hard struggle to reach the peak, but rolling over that crest and seeing the road slope down always brings a smile to your face. Roller coaster enthusiasts also know this.

3. Distracted

Everyone needs something to burn off excess energy. Now if it would only fit in my pocket.

4. I’m outta here

It must be a day that ends in “Y.”

5. Spoke-n communication

I’m not saying I’d rather be riding than listening to you… well, actually, yes I am.

6. No crowds

If you’re on a 5.11 or higher, you’re pretty much guaranteed the only people you see are part of your tribe.

7. Going vertical

Why stick to just the X- and Y-axis? All the best views are above you.

8. Fear? Ha.

This is what you’ve been working towards, right?

9. Escaping the cubicle

Why yes, I do prefer carrying 60 pounds of gear to sitting in another meeting.

10. Drinks and getaways

Water, whiskey, or beer, a drink just tastes better at the top of a route.

This is just a sample of the great mountain biking and rock climbing mugs we have in stock. Order yours today!