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Rolling the Dice

Or dealing the cards, or choosing a quest, or setting up the board…

Did your family have a weekly game night? Does your favorite coffee shop hosts afternoon games on the weekends, or the local bar schedule trivia nights? Have you ever raced to get the newspaper first so you could do the puzzles inside? As long as there has been civilization, there have been games and puzzles. Board games have been discovered in pre-dynastic Egyptian tombs, puzzle boxes in ancient China, and dice in Roman ruins. Chess, go, and backgammon are each thousands of years old, and are still in the top ten of popular games today.

The third week of November is Game and Puzzle Week, and what goes great with a game or puzzle? A game or puzzle mug, of course!

1. Serious Business

Make sure you have all of the snacks and beverages you need before you dive in.

2. Home Field Advantage

If someone has a dedicated game table in their rec room, you may not want to take their bets.

3. Victory Dance

It’s a great feeling to slide that last piece in for a checkmate.

4. Life Lessons

Cooperation, strategy, determination, cleverness. None of these are bad traits.

5. Behind the Scenes

Creating a new game that is fun, engaging, and challenging isn’t as easy as you may think.

6. Sharing is Caring

Loaning out a jigsaw puzzle or crossword dictionary is the mark of a good friend.

7. Getting Cross

Crosswords are that kind of puzzle where the more you work them, the faster you get in solving clues.

8. Personal Goals

You can treat the weekend as a mini retirement. It’s important to practice for the real thing.

9. Feeding the Habit

If you could get paid to solve puzzles, that would be ideal. Until then, though, work calls.

10. Turning Pro

The beauty of this mug is that it will prompt people to ask about your favorite puzzles. Then you get to talk about them.

You can find more game and puzzle mugs through these links. Do you do something else for recreation? You can search for it from our home page. Remember, U.S. orders of two or more mugs get free shipping. That saves you enough for a whole book of puzzles!