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Saddle Up

What’s a Western without horses? Bad guys riding up to rob a train, or the sheriff and his loyal posse going after said bad guys. Cattle wrangling from horseback, a salt-of-the-earth farmer plowing a rocky field, or long, lonely rides through the desert scenery. Fantasy uses them, too, but usually just for transportation. They’ll pop up in certain Romances so the hero or heroine can have their meet-cute, and there are several horse-themed mystery series out there. Writers often use “owns racehorses” as a shortcut to developing a wealthy character, or “betting on the horses” for desperate gamblers.

Horses are popular, is what we’re saying.

Most people’s experience with horses is limited to the pony rings at county fairs, or maybe short trail rides at a park or campground. That can be enough to generate a life-long love for the critters, though. In rural/agricultural areas, having a horse or three is kind of a given, even if most of the work is now done with machines.

December 13 is National Day of the Horse. If that’s your favorite holiday, check out our horse mugs!

1. Chores You Love

A lot of work goes into owning a horse, but it’s work people cheerfully do, because not taking care of them is unthinkable.

2. No Challenge

It’s all a matter of perspective. Are you bigger/meaner/more stubborn than a horse?

3. Power

Horse power. Get it? (Sorry.)

4. Stable Relationships

Again, apologies for the awful pun. Horses are social, just like families. As long as either is around, it’ll probably be okay.

5. Outta Here!

It is quite the thrill to be on horseback at a full-blown gallop.

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