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Sail Along the Silver Sky

Or so says music group The 5th Dimension in their hit song “Up, Up and Away,” which is all about a peaceful journey in a hot air balloon.

If you’ve read my previous blogs on the subject, you know that I am a balloon coward. I appreciate their grace and romanticism, but only from the ground. In contrast, I would take a zeppelin ride in a heartbeat, because they have thrust and a way to steer beyond up and down. Wind is just too unpredictable for me to trust entirely.

Intellectually, I know that ballooning is as safe as any other means of travel. If they constantly dropped out of the sky, drifted hundreds of miles off course, or tangled in power lines, no one would ride them. But as anyone with any kind of phobia can tell you, it’s not about what you know intellectually. Your limbic system determines how you react to things, and fight-or-flight is ingrained much deeper than rational thought.

If you’re one of those lucky people that enjoys ballooning, you will probably like one of our hot air balloon mugs!

1. It’s Legal Everywhere

I can’t offer an opinion on either variation, but I do enjoy a good pun.

2. Nature Over Nurture

Some people are born fearless. Others are born with practicality. Neither is better than the other.

3. Hmmm…

You’re not exactly endearing me to the idea of ballooning.

4. Some Restrictions May Apply

As long as the winds are blowing towards your intended destination, there aren’t any storms in the area, the landing site is on flat, open land…

5. Trailblazing

These are the folks that figure out how to overcome the obstacles their pilot just floats over so they can provide support. Little things like rivers, canyons, no roads, etc. Impressive.

This is just a short list of the hot air ballooning mugs we have available. Click on that link to see more. Not into ballooning? You can search for your favorite mode of travel—or anything else you fancy—from our home page. And remember, U.S. orders of two or more mugs get free shipping. That saves you enough for some popcorn at the next balloon festival!