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Save the Earth!

It’s where we keep all of our stuff.

It’s hard to grasp something as huge as climate or biodiversity. All of the dynamic systems that make up our planet’s protective shell interact in so many ways, it’s difficult to track. Plus, we’re a bit selfish by nature, and not really given to thinking long-term. If it’s not going to happen in our lifetime, we don’t worry about it too much.

In very simplistic terms, the Amazon Basin is the planet’s lungs. The water cycle is how it regulates its temperature and cleans the soil, and the atmosphere is the radiation shield. Mess up any one of those too much, and we poor, puny humans can’t breathe, grow food, or go outside without getting microwaved.

April 22 is Earth Day. Show your commitment to the future with one of our great mugs!

1. Recycle

Without plants, we don’t breathe. Forests also keep the soil from washing away, support the food chain, and provide timber. Use less paper and replant for sustainable harvesting.

2. Act Now

A lot of folks seem to have a vested interest in keeping the status quo. We can’t afford that.

3. Commit

It took a sustained effort to get us to this point. It’ll take a sustained effort to correct it.

4. Kindness

It’s called “Mother” Nature for a reason.

5. And Harder to Get To

A long-time staple of science fiction, terraforming Mars just isn’t possible with current technology. And that’s our best shot in this solar system. Better take care of the planet we’ve got.

This is a small sampling of our Earth Day mugs. Remember, U.S. orders of two or more get free shipping, and that’s better for the environment!