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Sax & Violins

(We covered Saxophone Day last month, and I’ve been patiently waiting to make that joke. We now return you to your regularly scheduled blog post.)

I’ve never played in a band, don’t go to orchestral concerts, and rarely listen to Celtic or classical music. Despite all of this, I can still name several violinists, such as Mark Wood, Vanessa Mae, Lindsey Stirling, Emilie Autumn, and Eos Chater. Most of them have performed on the soundtrack to a movie or TV show I watched, or recorded covers of some of my favorite songs.

There’s a big trend now of people playing rock songs on classical instruments. Stringed instruments naturally lend themselves to this because it’s only a tiny step from a violin, viola, or bass to a guitar. Bluegrass music has used violins from the very beginning; they just call them fiddles.

December 13 is Violin Day! So if you play, or know someone who does, check out these great violin mugs!

1. Get a Handle On It

Don’t tuck this one under your chin or you’ll make a mess.

2. Bil-Bow?

Because who doesn’t love a good Tolkien pun?

3. Literal, not Figurative

Older violins have a rich, mellow sound. This is also something we older folks might say to make ourselves feel better about getting older.

4. Handy Reference Guide

You’ll either know what kind of music will be played, or that you’re in the south. One tends to follow the other.

5. First World Problems

Next time someone complains that the free WiFi is too slow, or their new cell phone is the wrong color, break out this mug.

These are just a few of the violin mugs we have available. Play another instrument? You can search for it from our home page. Buying for the band? U.S. orders of two or more mugs get free shipping!