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September Holidays

It may be beastly hot right now, but autumn is just around the corner. And with the cooler temperatures comes a whole new group of fun celebrations and observances. Make sure you order in time to have new mugs ready for these September holidays!

1. Labor Day, September 3

Most of us have to work for a living, and this is the day to celebrate all of the economic and social advancements our labor has collectively contributed to the nation. Mugdom has profession mugs for just about everyone! It’s the first collection under “Shop All Mugs.”

2. Grandparents Day, September 9

They spoil us, let us stay up late, and usually have candy. Time to give something back.

3. Positive Thinking Day, September 13

It’s easy to get discouraged when we fall short of our goals. We have a whole collection of mugs that can keep you inspired.

4. Wife Appreciation Day, September 16

Marriage takes work, so let your wife know that you recognize her efforts in putting up with you.

5. Constitution Day, September 17

Without the rule of law we cannot progress as a country. We have a huge collection of Lawyer mugs for your favorite attorney.

6. National Hunting & Fishing Day, September 22

Whether you’re putting food on the table or just enjoying being in the great outdoors with your friends, this is the day to celebrate it. We have lots of hunting and fishing mugs.

7. Oktoberfest, September 22

Because Man cannot exist on coffee alone.

8. Elephant Appreciation Day, September 22

Whether you’re in a conservation frame of mind or are just fascinated by these mighty creatures, this is the day for you.

These are just a few of the specialty celebrations during September. For more great mugs, check out our entire collection here. And remember, we can also offer any of our designs as custom T-shirts!