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I’ve tinkered with photography all of my life. I’ve used all kinds of cameras along the way, from your basic 35-millimeter through disposables, disc cameras, Polaroids and digital (my first digital camera used a 3 ½” floppy disk as its “film”). Everyone was always impatient to get their pictures back from the drugstore, and we’d excitedly open up that thick envelope to see how they turned out.

These days, my phone takes better pictures than any camera I used over the years, and I no longer keep several thick photo albums on my shelves. A not-insignificant chunk of my external hard drive holds all of my pictures now. Mostly friends and family shots as you’d expect, but also a lot from traveling, such as architecture and landscapes. And because I usually travel for food, I have a great many pictures of menus and meals.

The third week of July is Capture the Sunset Week, and that is a fantastic project for budding photographers. You try your best to capture the array of colors, the sharp contrasts of silhouettes against the setting sun, or the way the last light illuminates a person or object. These goals allow you to really dig into things like ISO, shutter speed, aperture settings, and more.

In any gathering, there’s usually at least one person who will break out a camera to capture the special moments. If that’s you, or someone else in your group, check out these photography mugs!

1. Candid Camera

With the popularity of photo sharing sites, people are learning that their potential employers can do a Google search, too. Maybe don’t put every single shot online.

2. Say Cheese!

If you’ve spent the money to get a professional photographer, listen to their instructions. They have more in-depth knowledge on how to make your pictures turn out great.

3. To the Rescue

It’s incredibly powerful, and makes it easy to correct most mistakes, but it’s not a cure-all. That’s why #2 up there is so important.

4. Photography as Life

A useful “How To” for great pictures and great times.

5. Essential Gear

Caffeine is just as important as umbrella lights on a long shoot. Photography enthusiasts will love the detailed styling of these lens mugs.

You can find more of our photography mugs by clicking HERE. Remember that U.S. orders of two or more mugs get free shipping, too!