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Six Reasons to Smile

Have you ever known one of those people that aren’t happy unless they’re miserable? The kind of person who looks for the cloud around every silver lining? They can be pretty tedious to deal with. There’s enough bad news in the world that we could find something to be angry or depressed about 24/7.

Let’s not.

Life can be hard; no one denies that. There will be times when lots of problems jump you at once. However, that’s no reason to be a sourpuss all of the time. Spend some time every day (or week, or month) doing something just for yourself. Something you enjoy. October 4 is World Smile Day, so get out there and put a grin on your face! Here are five reasons to smile:

1. Your favorite TV show is back!

Don’t you love counting down the days until your favorite drama, fantasy, or procedural comes back for a new season? More Novelty mugs are here.

2. You’re helping others.

A great way to feel better is to help others feel better. More Inspirational mugs are here.

3. You Graduated!

You put in the work and got the diploma. Congratulations! More Degree mugs are here.

4. Your best friend is visiting.

Friends are our support, our escape, and our partner-in-crime. Call yours today! More Friend mugs are here.

5. You’re getting away from the routine.

Take a break from the meetings, the paperwork, and the phone by going somewhere else! More Travel mugs are here.

6. Free Shipping!

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