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Social Hobbies for 2018

A shared interest is a great way to pass the time and expand your social circle, so if one of your goals this year is to get out and meet new people, we have some mugs to inspire you! Have a look at some of these new designs for 2018!

1. Learning a Foreign Language

Translation apps can help you order food or find your hotel, but learning another language allows you to really interact with another culture on a much deeper level.

2. Traveling

There is a multitude of reasons to travel: food, art, architecture, history, festivals… Pick a reason, then pick a destination. Plus, you get to try out that new language you just learned.

3. Whale Watching

One of the reasons to travel is to see animals in the wild, and whale watching combines that activity with a cruise, so…win.

4. Treasure Hunting

If beasts aren’t your thing, how about lost gold or ancient artifacts? If movies have taught us anything, though, you have to make sure they’re not cursed before you dig ‘em up.

5. Video Gaming

An easier—and much cheaper—way to travel, see strange creatures, and find treasure. Most games have multiplayer mode, either working as teams or against live opponents. It’s social, but with a lot more trash-talking than visiting a place in person (one hopes).

6. Modeling

I’ve worked in advertising, and it’s a truism that putting attractive people in your ads and commercials increases sales. Modeling, even part time, can be a fun way to get paid to travel, dress up, and play with shiny new toys.

7. Magician

Whether you’re astounding people at the bar with simple card tricks, or performing complicated illusions with massive props on stage, people love to be fooled by a good magician. Don’t forget the attractive (read: distracting) assistant, who is probably buying the mug above this one.

8. Kite Flying

“Go fly a kite!” An insult to some, an awesome weekend plan for others. From easy diamond kites to intricate parafoils, kites combine the best of origami, engineering, and artistry.

These are just a few of the many new mugs we have available for 2018 (and there are always more on the way). You can see our entire collection of mugs here. If you can’t find the perfect mug from our extensive collection, you can always have a custom mug designed.