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Speaking of speaking…

I’m a language nerd. I love tracing etymologies, making puns, discovering things like toponymy (how places get their names), and arguing for split infinitives.

But I can only do it in English.

I’ve learned enough conversational Spanish to order at my favorite Honduran restaurant and make very limited small talk with the staff, but it’s by no means smooth. I have plans to learn Italian, because I have plans to tour Italy, and I’ve found that most people appreciate it if you at least make an effort to be understood while you’re visiting.

As our world gets ever smaller, communication-wise, we’d be wise to try to expand our language horizons. Not only is it great for business (the Mugdom team is international; did you know that?), but also for making friends on the other side of the globe.

With that in mind, check out some of our Foreign Language mugs!

1. How do you say…?

A friend of mine in high school read, wrote, and spoke four languages before he graduated, with plans to acquire three or four more in college. Last I heard, he was working as an interpreter at the United Nations and absolutely loved his job.

2. No subtitles needed

Even if you’re not a professional translator, you can still enjoy learning another language just for the sheer thrill of accomplishment.

3. I SAID…!

I remember when I found out that there are different dialects in sign language. That’s just awesome (see “nerd,” above). Sadly, the only sign language I know is the kind that starts fights.

4. It’s the key to understanding

Maybe not the whole sphere, but a significantly larger chunk of it, at least. Even if you don’t physically travel, there’s shortwave radio, social media apps, Skype, etc.

5. Mere kaffe, tak.

According to Google, that’s “More coffee, please.” in Danish. (Coffee and Danish, get it?)
Hey, if you put forth the effort to learn someone else’s native tongue, no one will call you out for bragging about it. Good on you.

This is just a small selection of our language mugs. If you’d like a mug customized in a specific language, we can do that, too!