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By far, the most popular Halloween theme is death. It might be in the form of a zombie, vampire, or other critter, a group of headstone decorations, the random severed body part in the punch bowl, and so on. You’ll probably also see someone in a hooded cloak with a skull mask.

The personification of death goes all the way back to the Greeks, where he was known as Thanatos. In the stories of Homer, Sisyphus tricked Thanatos and chained him up, stopping all death in the world. For this and other reasons, Sisyphus was condemned to spend all eternity pushing a boulder up a hill in Hades. Not only did this story give us the expression “a Sisyphean task,” it was also the origin of the “trick Death to get out of it” idea.

If your favorite part of the holiday is the Grim Reaper (first called that in 1847), grab your scythe and check out some of these Halloween mugs!

1. The Classic Look

The hooded robe was first used as a costume in the 1957 film The Seventh Seal.

2. The Scene

A big harvest moon, a bare-branched tree, and the cloak and scythe. That’s the perfect picture for the holiday.

3. Boo!

Writers like to argue about whether maniacal laughter is spelled “mwahahaha,” or “muahahaha.” Either way, this guy’s got it.

4. Creature Feature

The human skull is fascinating to artists, whether they’re the focus of vanitas art or grafted into some sort of new creature.

5. Calavera

The tradition of decorating sugar skulls for Día de los Muertos goes back to the 1630s, if not earlier.

This is a small selection of the Halloween mugs available. Remember, too, that U.S. orders of two or more mugs get free shipping. That’s our treat to you!