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Stay in Your Lane

When I was growing up, the bowling alley was a popular destination for birthday parties, church groups, student clubs, and more. Our alley offered all kinds of “experiences,” such as blacklight bowling, when everything glowed in the dark, or DJ nights, where a local radio personality would play the latest hits. They would get minor celebrities in from time to time, host training days for beginners, competitions for leagues, and have themed events for various holidays. I wasn’t a good bowler—I’m still not a good bowler—but it was fun to be with friends.

People in more than ninety countries play some form of bowling. The earliest reference found to bowling games was discovered in an Egyptian pharaoh’s tomb, dated to about 5200 B.C. Bowling Green Park in NYC was established in 1733, and is the city’s oldest surviving park today. Some alleys in the United States have even achieved a fame of their own, such as the alleys in the White House and the Biltmore House.

August 8 is Bowling Day, so if you enjoy the game, check out these Bowling mugs!

1. Watch and Learn

Bowling is the only sport where it’s okay to be called a turkey.

2. Native Talent

I think trick shots in bowling are more impressive than in billiards.

3. Spare Me

7/10 splits are the worst. If you’re good enough, though, you can bounce one pin into the other.

4. And the Ball, Too

I always thought it was cool when the alley put the big bumpers in the gutters to keep little players from getting discouraged.

5. Mindset

You have to stay focused, you know. The pins aren’t going to knock themselves down.

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