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Sticking to the ‘Scrip

Pharmacists rarely get headlines, but they are a crucial part of our medical care. One advantage to living in a small town is that independent, family-owned pharmacies are still viable. My family has been going to the same small pharmacy for more than sixty years, and we get a level of personalized service that you can’t get from the big chains. We know everyone that works there, and they know us. It’s the kind of place that puts their home phone number on the “Closed” sign in case you have an emergency.

Even if you aren’t that close with your pharmacist, you should take the time to thank them for their work. They make sure we get the right meds, suggest cheaper or more effective alternatives, help us decide between the over-the-counter options, act as the go-between for the doctors and the insurance companies, and patiently answer all of our questions.

January 12 is National Pharmacist Day. Surprise your pharmacist with one of these great mugs!

1. It’s the round white one…

There’s a reason prescriptions have numbers. Much easier than trying to sound out chemical compounds.

2. Reasonable Doubt

You should be nice to everyone anyway, but especially to the folks who know how your meds interact.

3. A Likely Story

You will never be able to “BS” your doctor, dentist, or pharmacist. Save your breath.

4. Semantics

But as a customer, it is fun to tell everyone that you’re going downtown to buy some drugs.

5. Quiet Time

Until common sense is available in pill form, thorazine will have to do.

6. Optimism

This is not an excuse for never cleaning out your fridge, though.

7. Where’s the heavy machinery?

They put those warning stickers on the bottles for a reason, you know.

8. Cheering Section

If they don’t work at a family business, having that support at home is important.

9. Long Hours

The spouse of any medical professional better get used to sharing them with, well, everyone.

10. No More Counting

Even if you love what you do, it’s nice to have a stopping point.

This is just a sample of our collection of Pharmacist mugs. Click the link to browse all of them. Remember, U.S. orders of two or more mugs get free shipping, too!