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When I was young, there weren’t any cell phones. We would carry around a dozen or so phone numbers in our head. Now I only know mine. I rely on the phone to hold all of the numbers I need to call. I also need the phone to give me directions, play my music, store my pictures, and keep track of the books I’m reading.

“It’s just so handy!” we say. And we’re right. They are incredibly useful gadgets.


I’m sure you’ve seen the pictures of a group of friends out in some social setting—a restaurant, for example, or a party—and everyone is staring at their phones instead of talking. Why go out at all? We get so caught up in our online life that we forget to have a real one.

March 6 is the National Day of Unplugging, so turn off your phone, shut down your WiFi, or close your laptop, and go spend time with friends. Tell everyone at the office you’re on an extended coffee break. Here are some suggestions.

1. Get a Hobby

Hobbies are a great way to spend time offline. You could also join a group for your particular pursuit.

2. Attend a Class

Cooking, learning another language, wine tasting, sewing basics... These are a few of the classes I found in my town with just a casual search.

3. Play a Sport

Exchange your mouse and keyboard for a helmet, bat, or other equipment. You can be social and get some exercise at the same time.

4. Hit the Trail

Hiking, biking, climbing, camping… Whatever your preferred outdoor activity is, get some friends together and go do it!

5. Take a Nap

Studies have shown that staring at a screen before bed leads to poor sleep. Turn off all of the notifications and alarms and catch up on some of that missed rest.

This is a very short list of activities you can do without needing a screen. Search for your favorite offline activity from our home page. Remember, U.S. orders of two or more mugs get free shipping, so pick some up for your fellow unpluggers, too!