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Everybody gets depressed occasionally; that’s just part of being human. We can usually shake it off fairly quickly, but sometimes it lingers. It might be due to outside circumstances, or a chemical imbalance, or some other combination, but fortunately, there’s help.

January 18 is Blue Monday, the day when many different factors supposedly sync up to be the most depressing day of the year. Though the original study has been roundly criticized for poor data management, that doesn’t mean the idea has no merit.

People respond to depression in different ways. Some...

A friend of mine and I were recently swapping advice on various matters when we both realized we, as adults, were asking another adult how to adult. Life has a way of piling up on you, and it’s tricky to go it alone. We all have our coping mechanisms—some good, some bad—and a good counselor can help differentiate between the two.

There used to be a stigma attached to anyone that received therapy, but that’s no longer the case. Whether it’s a religious leader, a psychiatrist, a life coach, or just...