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Take Wing

If you ask people which super power they’d like to have, a great many of them will say they want the ability to fly. Part of it is the thrill of swooping and soaring through the sky, of course, but it’s also incredibly practical. Imagine being able to get anywhere you wanted without having to buy a ticket first. You’d also get there much faster because there’s no waiting while someone tries to fit a steamer trunk into an overhead bin. And there’s a reason “as the crow flies” is used as a distance qualifier. A straight line from A to B is always the shortest. A trip of 50 miles by the ruler can easily be 75, 100, or more miles because of excessive curves, mountain passes, traversing rivers, etc.

Until we can get our own personal jetpacks (we’re waiting, engineers), we can admire our feathered friends. The speed of a falcon; the grace of a hummingbird; the silent majesty of an owl. And yes, we can appreciate the flightless birds such as emus or penguins, too.

January 5 is National Bird Day, so here are some different bird mugs to celebrate!

1. Any. All.

You probably have a favorite or two, but birds in general just thrill you.

2. Quacking Up

Ducks have one of the largest habitats. Mainly anywhere someone has a bag of bread.

3. Tail Tale

Zoos almost always let their peacocks roam free. Sure, they can fly, but not fast. Or far.

4. Parrot-ise

A very popular pet among bird lovers. It’s not the only one that can talk, but it’s certainly the most colorful.

5. Nature’s Alarm Clock

If you don’t have chickens, is it really a farm? They’re kind of iconic.

This is just a small sample of the fun mugs we stock. Looking for another kind of bird? Or a different animal entirely? You can use the search tools on our home page. And remember, U.S. orders of two or more mugs get free shipping!