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Taking Off

In 1903, the Wright brothers sailed into the sky at a whopping 34 miles per hour. Only 44 years later, Chuck Yeager broke the sound barrier at 700 miles per hour. That’s a pretty impressive technological leap for less than half a century. Nowadays, it’s no big deal to hop on a plane and go somewhere else. There are even websites that offer all kinds of tips to make it even easier: the best times to fly, the cheapest tickets, how to minimize layovers, and more.

My first flight was from the U.S. to the U.K. I packed way too much, and fought my suitcase the whole trip. I’ve learned since then. If my trip’s going to be a week or less, I can get everything I need into one carry-on bag. (That’s for casual trips, not work-related. You’re not going to get a suit into a carry-on.) Give me a book and some music, and I’m set for the whole flight.

I’ve only been on one private flight, and I highly recommend it. Everybody boards and you take off. No safety lectures, no fighting for space, no long lines to wait in. They can be very expensive, but well worth it.

November is Aviation History Month, so if you know (or are) a pilot, celebrate with one of our great pilot and aviation mugs!

1. Sorry not sorry

If you could fly, you’d be the same way. Don’t lie.

2. Possibilities

And there probably isn’t someone driving too slow in the left lane, either.

3. Schedule

Because simpler is better.

4. Vista

And get paid for it. So there, high school guidance counselor!

5. Just briefly, though.

We never seem to get to the science fiction staple of flying cars, but some people are lucky enough to have one of these.

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