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Teach a Man to Fish

And you get rid of him on the weekends. My grandfather did his best to impart his love of fishing to me, but I never did get into it. My take was that as a recreational activity, it was really, really boring. As a survival skill, I’d just rig up an automatic line or a basket trap and put my time to better use in building a shelter or foraging. I did use his advice and lessons to earn my Fishing merit badge in Scouts, however, so he wasn’t entirely disappointed with me.

The first week of June is National Fishing Week, so if you or someone you know enjoys landing the big ones (or lying about it), hook one of our great fishing mugs!

1. Trust me

One of my friends is an enthusiastic fisherman, and he is quick to direct others to “choice” fishing spots that always seem to be a couple of miles downstream from where he usually goes.

2. Don’t scare ‘em off

This reminds me of a joke: A park ranger finds a man throwing dynamite into the lake. On confronting him, the man hands the ranger a lit stick and says “You gonna talk, or are you gonna fish?”

3. Catch you later!

Every sport fisherman I’ve ever met has enforced size and catch limits for themselves and others. As someone who enjoys cooking and eating a fresh catch, I appreciate their stewardship.

4. Fish Finders

I do admire those fisherman who know exactly where to go and what bait to use based on the type of fish they’re after, the season, the weather, the time of day, and other conditions. It’s pretty impressive.

5. Good Advice

Keep this in mind for office meetings, family reunions, and whenever you visit internet message boards.

These are just a few of the fun fishing mugs we have available. And remember, you can always have a mug customized for your favorite angler!