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Teach the Children Well

Last year, I managed to track down one of my high school English teachers. I wanted to let her know that her encouragement and patience thirty years ago had made a huge difference in my life. She was the one that really unlocked writing for me, and forced me out of my comfort zone to read other books besides the Fantasy and Science Fiction novels that were my primary diet.

Have you ever played the “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon” game? She was like that with literature. “Oh, you like swords and sorcery? Here, read The Odyssey.” “You enjoy Terry Pratchett’s wry observations of human nature? Check out Michel de Montaigne's Essays.”

We all have one of those teachers, I think. They’re the ones that managed to kindle a spark in us that we carry the rest of our lives, either in our actual jobs, as a hobby, or just in the way we approach life in general.

Even though Teacher Appreciation Day is officially in May, does a single day seem like a fair reward for all that teachers do for us? No. No it does not. If you have a favorite teacher in your life, past or present, let them know with a little gift. Apples are traditional, but we suggest one of our teacher mugs.

1. It’s a bird… It’s a plane…

I’m pretty sure my fourth grade teacher had X-Ray vision. She always knew when I had a comic hidden behind my math book.

2. The Write Stuff

I know I gave my teachers plenty of practice. There’s a reason I traded in my pencils for a keyboard.

3. Pinch Hitter

Part punching bag, part lion tamer. Substitute teachers don’t get the recognition they deserve nearly enough.

4. Why do we do this again?

Oh right. The kids. Don’t be one of those parents.

5. Understandable

I only have two kids to deal with every day, and I feel this way sometimes.

6. Don’t Be Irrational

Or obtuse, or other arithmetical puns. Math teachers need some love, too.

7. Tomato, tomahto

Yes, it’s your classroom, but I feel that your rules on margin widths are a bit dictatorial.

8. These papers won’t grade themselves

And if we can schedule it to immediately follow this weekend, that’d be great.

9. Let the sunshine in.

Was anyone else ever slightly freaked out to run into your teacher over the summer? I always thought they lived at the school.

10. So Refreshing

You’d think we would have learned not to antagonize the person that could assign homework over the weekend.

This is just a small sample of the teacher mugs we have available, and you can always customize a mug with your favorite teacher’s name or subject.