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“Thank You” is not Enough

Saturday is Veterans Day, Armistice Day, and Remembrance Day (aka Poppy Day). We here at Mugdom would like to take the opportunity to thank all of those who serve or have served with honor in their country’s armed forces.

My grandfather was a Radarman in the Combat Information Center on the USS North Carolina. Nicknamed “Showboat,” she was part of every major naval offensive in the Pacific Theater, and finished the war with fifteen battle stars, making her the most decorated American battleship of World War 2. His pride in her was clearly evident whenever he told war stories, and he was a big part of the campaign to get her back to her home state as a memorial.

When he passed away in 2005, my grandmother asked the family which items they would like to remember him by. I only asked for two things: a picture of the two of us together, and his favorite coffee mug, which was one of the mugs he’d used on board the ship.

If you’re a Veteran, thank you. If you know a Veteran, make sure to tell them how much their service and sacrifice is appreciated. We salute you all.