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That’s Bananas

There are close to three hundred different species of monkey. They are native to Central and South America – where they are classified as New World monkeys – as well as Africa and large parts of India and Asia – the Old World monkeys. In some places, they are an important part of the culture. In others, they’re seen as a pest.

In North America, they’re seen at the zoo. Ironically, the residents of the “Monkey House” are usually chimpanzees, which are apes.

Almost all of the monkey species are endangered, mainly from loss of habitat. December 14 is International Monkey Day, so if you have a soft spot for our “cousins,” check out these monkey mugs!

1. Round and Round They Go

It’s got to be more amusing than whatever other people want to talk about.

2. Whodunnit

Hey, opposable thumbs, tool users, if you want a scapegoat, a monkey makes a good one.

3. Excuse Me

Keep your crazy waaaaaay over there. I have other priorities.

4. Struggles

But someone has to do it.

5. Animated

They’re almost as fun as the real thing!

These monkey mugs make great gifts for primate pals. Do you prefer another animal? You can search for it from our home page. Remember, U.S. orders of two or more mugs get free shipping!