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The 7 Stages of the Work Week

You know the three stages of Man; you know the five stages of grief. But did you know there are seven stages to the work week? Of course you did! We call them Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday…

We could delve into the psychology behind it all except for two things: one, we’re not psychologists, and two, ain’t nobody got time for that.

Besides, this is the Internet Age. We prefer our communication to be as short and as fast as possible. So how do you let your coworkers know which stage you’re in?

Emojis! Pick up a few of our emoji mugs to signal your feelings about being in the office.

1. Sunday

The weekend’s not over already, is it? I didn’t have all of the fun I wanted.

2. Monday

Why couldn’t I have inherited money instead of working for a living? This is your fault, Mom and Dad!

3. Tuesday

Because your manager wants to have another meeting to find out why no work is getting done.

4. Wednesday

I didn’t leave the coffee pot empty. And I didn’t jam the copier, either. And I certainly don’t know what happened to your lunch. We’re halfway through the week. Don’t make waves.

5. Thursday

Four straight days of clueless customers and brain-dead bosses. I may be getting a little silly.

6. Friday

I could write a thousand words on how good a Friday feels, but a picture works just fine.

7. Saturday

Road trip! I’m driving; you bring snacks and some good music. It’s time to put the office in the rear-view mirror.

Obviously, you’re going to need more than one mug, so it’s a good thing you can get free shipping if you buy two or more. And if you want some more leeway (or more cussing; we don’t judge) to adequately describe your work experience, we offer customized mugs, too.