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The Best Doctor Mugs of 2017

Ever since Hippocrates cracked open his first chest to, you know, maybe try and fix somebody instead of just chalking it up to bad luck, we have revered our doctors. Books, movies, and television shows get a lot of mileage out of doctor characters, whether they are the hero (Mark Greene on ER), the antihero (Gregory House), the villain (Victor Frankenstein), or the comedic relief (Dr. Rumack from Airplane!). And those are just medical doctors off the top of my head. That’s not even counting whip-wielding doctors of Archaeology (Jones), Chianti connoisseurs with degrees in Forensic Psychiatry (Lecter), and overachievers with advanced degrees in many different fields (Savage or Banzai).

In the everyday world, our doctors treat our illnesses and afflictions, scold us for not dieting, and basically do their best to overcome all of our bad habits. It may not be as exciting as larking around London with Sherlock Holmes, but it sure is more beneficial to the patients’ quality of life.

With Christmas rapidly approaching, let your doctor know how much they are appreciated with one of our popular Medical Mugs! Here are a few suggestions:

1. But Google said…

The bane of every Doctor in the internet age. Placing a few of these in the examination rooms might eliminate some of the arguments.

2. Funny Story

So we were drinking at the fourth of July barbecue, and Jake said “Hey, watch this!”

3. Smug Mug

I’ll have you know that I leverage our core competencies to synergize deliverables and okay yeah you win.

4. Read the Label

My doctor’s sarcasm is extra fancy because it’s in Latin.

5. I’ll Pencil You In

Enjoy those few hours between the graduation ceremony and the start of rotations!

6. Heal Thyself

I bet more of us would keep up with our boosters if they required salt and a slice of lime.

7. Panacea

Because we want our doctors operating at peak efficiency.

8. The Other Support Staff

I’m not even going to be snarky about this. Doctor’s families put up with a lot.

9. No More Humours

Because people are the most complicated jigsaw puzzle ever.

10. The Classic

Because as far as I’m concerned, the world’s best doctor is the one that makes time to help me.

This is just a tiny sample of the medical mugs we have available. If you want to get more personal with your gift, you can also get a Customized Mug for your favorite doctor.