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The Best Lawyer Mugs of 2017

Most of you know one. Some of you may be one. They’re lawyers, and they are the backbone of our justice system. For every disparaging “ambulance chaser” remark, there are hundreds of men and women quietly toiling away in their offices, representing their clients to the best of their ability.

I have to say, I was very disappointed in the lawyers when I served on a jury. No dramatic witness reveals, no last minute evidence that turned testimony on its head, and no goading the defendant into a tearful confession. I mean, it was only a shoplifting case, but still…

Whether you have hired one, married one, or work with one, keep your barrister’s brain humming with one of our great Lawyer Mugs!

1. Juris-prudent

Justice is based on the way a society should be. The law is based on the way a society is. It just makes sense to have a lawyer on speed dial.

2. It’s Pretty Simple

You don’t get discounts for being a repeat defendant.

3. A Fool for a Client

Trust me, man. I’ve seen every episode of Suits.

4. Wise Advice

I wish internet comment sections worked like this.

5. Eschew Obfuscation

Because if it were easy, everyone would do it.

6. Exhibit A: I brought coffee.

The downside to being a lawyer is you never take anything at face value ever again.

7. Doesn’t Everybody?

Though that blindfolded woman in the toga is kinda hot.

8. Trust Me, There’s a Precedent

Is that why they call it the “Bar?”

9. The Polite Ones

I guess “Esquire” just isn’t as snappy.

10. I Have the Power of Attorney!

Sorry. I just really wanted to use that pun.

These are just a few of the many Lawyer Mugs we have available, and you can always Customize a Mug with your legal eagle’s name, specialty, or favorite lawyer joke.