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The Best Nurse Mugs of 2017

You know, there’s a reason we use the phrase “Nursed back to health” instead of “Doctored back to health.” Nurses are the real heroes of any medical organization. Long after the doctor has come and gone, they are still there, taking care of the patients and the paperwork.

Celebrate your favorite Florence Nightingale with some of these great Nursing mugs!

1. Unflappable

My aunt is a nurse. That woman doesn’t get rattled by anything.

2. If you hit that call button one more time…

In my (thankfully) few hospital stays, I was appalled at how some of the other patients treated the nursing staff. Fluff their pillow? Those people were lucky not to be smothered with it.

3. You’re gonna take a little nap now.

Benzodiazepine… it’s what’s for dinner.

4. Ready…Set…

It’s third shift. No judgments here.

5. Priorities

Most of us don’t have a To-Do list that actively complains.

6. Up up and away!

It was always a cape.

7. Pre-Shift

Because you definitely want your nurse alert and happy.

8. Post-Shift

Because your nurse wants to be happy, too.

9. Hey! Boundaries!

As a writer, the most horrible thing I have to look at is a comma splice. That’s why I’m a writer and not a nurse.

10. Panacea

Take as needed until satisfied with life or your shift is over. Whichever comes first.

These are just a few of the great Nursing mugs we have available. You can also customize a mug with your favorite nurse’s name or specialization!