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The Bird is the Word

It’s only four weeks until Thanksgiving here in the US. Have you started planning your menu? Have you decided who’s going to sit where to avoid bad blood, political divides, and sibling rivalry? Have you stocked up on alcohol to get through it?

Even if your family gathering is a perfect Norman Rockwell re-creation, there’s one thing that you’ll definitely need, and that’s a way to fight off the tryptophan-induced naptime after the last of the pumpkin pie has been devoured.

Combat the calorie coma with a cup of highly-caffeinated coffee in one of our cool Thanksgiving mugs!

1. Gobble

It’s Thanksgiving at its minimalist best! It might be a turkey call; it might be your holiday plan.

2. Wrong is Right

‘Tis the season for fall flavors. No apologies necessary!

3. The Things that Truly Matter

Hours in the kitchen, refereeing family arguments, the looming clean-up… At least you have the fuel you need to make it through the day.

4. They Want to Believe

Sure, we sell them as coffee mugs, but if you want to be sneaky, we won’t tell.

5. The Spice must Flow

Why limit it to Thanksgiving? Celebrate your favorite spice blend all year long!

You’ll want to order your holiday mug as soon as possible to make sure it gets there before the relatives do. And if you order two or more, you can get free shipping! As always, we also offer custom designs, so you can personalize mugs for everyone at your gathering.