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The Law of the Land

The United States will be celebrating its independence tomorrow. Regardless of political persuasion, we can all agree that the Declaration of Independence and Constitution are pretty remarkable documents, written with an eye towards establishing a great degree of freedom to the people, and creating a balanced system of laws to limit governmental power and curtail abuse.

No group of appreciable size can function effectively without rules and laws. They help maintain order, spell out expectations, establish methods of conflict resolution, and provide appropriate punishments. It can get complicated to wade through decades of precedence, teasing out interpretations in order to build a prosecution or defense. Thank goodness we have experts to do just that.

This Fourth of July, while you’re enjoying a cookout and fireworks, take a moment to thank an attorney for their work in safeguarding the laws that are the bedrock of the country. Check out some of our Lawyer mugs!

1. 4.0 vs 404

The great thing about the internet is that anyone can put anything they want on there. The bad thing about the internet is that anyone can put anything they want on there. Trust the person with the degree on their wall.

2. You again?

Attorneys get paid a lot of money for their expert opinions. If you’ve paid for it, may as well follow their advice.

3. Well there’s your problem

It’s impossible to come up with a fool-proof plan because fools are so darned ingenious.

4. Relax

Small business owners in particular know how satisfying it is to sic a lawyer on troublesome customers.

5. Reasonable Doubt

Your attorney knows this system a lot better than you. Let them handle it.

6. All Rise

I think every lawyer eventually wants to be on the other side of the gavel.

7. Support System

Just as your lawyer protects your interests, their spouse is the one that looks out for them.

8. Encouragement

Law school isn’t easy; it takes hard work, dedication, and self-control. And maybe a care package from Mom every once in a while.

9. Behind the Scenes

Attorneys get the glory and recognition, but every law office has paralegals doing the actual grunt work of research and paperwork.

10. Let’s start with the truth and go from there.

Anyone that works in a law office—from the partners to the secretaries—develops a highly-tuned ability for sniffing out lies.

This is a very small selection of the huge inventory of lawyer mugs we have available. And remember, you can have any mug customized for your favorite legal eagle!