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The Long and Winding Road

I have a friend who lives in Amsterdam. We were recently discussing how we’d spent our weekends. She had driven to Belgium, then on to Paris. It took her about six hours. I allowed as to how I was extremely jealous that she can get to half a dozen different countries in the time it would take me to drive across my home state.

There are many different reasons to travel: art, culture, new landscapes, festivals. Me? I travel for food. I look for small local places that cater to residents, not tourists. A good sign is if I have to use Google to translate the menu.

It’s nice to get away from the everyday schedules and concerns, to meet new people and see new things. If you’re a traveler, or have friends who are, our Traveling mugs are a great way to let everyone at the office know you’d rather be somewhere else!

1. I’m off! Yes, again.

Of all the reasons to be tired in an office meeting, jet lag is the best.

2. Get me out of here!

For some people, a cubicle may as well be a cage, and the only schedules they’re concerned about are the airlines’.

3. I’ll be there on Thursday

I envy people whose passports are the same thickness as a paperback novel.

4. Two roads diverged

Even if international travel is beyond your means, you can discover a lot of neat things nearby if you take a different road.

5. Boardrooms to Beaches

Since I do all of my business online, my dream is to put a small office in an RV and hit the road.

6. It costs how much for a ticket?

The best advice I ever got about planning a trip: Before you go, lay out all of the clothes and money you’re going to take. Now take half the clothes and twice the money.

7. Failing to plan is planning to fail.

My mom loved getting tourist guides and maps to plan out our vacations, and I do the same thing online. Not everyone can (or wants to) put in that much effort. Thankfully, travel agents are here to help.

8. Have Mug – Will Travel

Over the years, I’ve used just about every form of transportation there is, including mule-back and hiking. Being able to clip a lightweight mug to my pack would have been extremely helpful.

9. Daily Travel

There’s a good chance your travel plans include a daily commute (though that may not be by choice). Whether by car, bus, or train, keep your coffee close as you head into the office. You can find more tumblers here.

10. Business Class Travel

For the office, the home, or on the go, this premium infuser tumbler shows off your sense of style! Perfect for hot or cold beverages.

These are just a few of the Travel mugs we have available. And if you’d like to commemorate a favorite trip or destination, we also offer Custom mugs!