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The Mane Event

Mankind has been working with horses for approximately 6000 years, using them for farming, transportation, battle, and more. In the United States, the horse industry employs about 4 ½ million people, and generates forty billion dollars in revenue annually.

That’s a lot of hay.

The vast majority of horses are used recreationally, mostly for casual riding. The next biggest group is the show horses, followed by working horses (farms, police departments, etc.) and race horses.

And none of it is possible if their feet aren’t taken care of.

The third week of January is International Hoof Care Week, so if you’re a horse owner, it’s an important reminder. Anyone who has owned a horse knows it takes a lot of time and effort to keep them happy and healthy. Coffee is a definite requirement. We suggest drinking it from one of our horse mugs!

1. Not a Burden

When you love something, taking care of it is never a hassle.

2. Power

If you don’t bring one, make sure to bring the other.

3. Perspective

Nobody gets fat and lazy when working with horses every day. Don’t irritate these people.

4. More Gear

Feed, blankets, bridles… it’s all a good excuse to keep going back.

5. In Good Company

No one said your favorite family members had to be human.

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