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I remember as a kid being so surprised when I saw birds flitting about during the winter months. I’d been told “birds fly south in the winter” so often, I just assumed it was all of them. It never occurred to me to wonder what they ate until the first big snowfall of the year, when I knew there weren’t any worms coming up. (Cartoons: bird = worm) I pestered my mom into putting a bird feeder in the back yard. She eventually agreed that yes, it was nice to watch them from the kitchen table.

So far this winter, we haven’t had any snow, but I’m ready. I have three different feeders I keep filled. We get jays and cardinals mainly, but there are occasional wrens and finches. The bonus is that in warmer months, they eat the bugs in my yard, so they never come into the house.

February is National Bird Feeding Month, so if you typically get nasty, cold weather in the winter, remember our feathered friends. And if avians are your passion, we have bird mugs!

1. Crafty

Bird motifs are very popular in crafting circles. If you’re ever stuck for a design idea, you could do worse.

2. Shake Your Tail Feathers

Have you ever seen a peacock in a tree? How surprised were you? I can’t imagine flying even short distances with that huge tail.

3. Shhhh

Bird watchers tend to be the butt of jokes on television, but that’s lazy writing. Just because you collect sightings instead of stamps doesn’t make your hobby any less valid.

4. I’ll Allow It

If the closest you get to birds is the classic car, or the “gangs” it inspired, this mug’s for you.

5. Simply

They may be mobile poop factories that seem to take aim at your car especially, but even with that, they’re pretty neat.

Are you part of a bird-watchers club? U.S. orders of two or more mugs get free shipping, so you can get bird mugs for all of your members!