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There’s gold in them thar hills!

And beaches. And battlefields. The largest gold nugget found by metal detecting weighed 960 ounces (60 pounds/27 kilograms) and was valued at $1.1 million. Gold isn’t the only valuable metal, either. In 2010, an amateur treasure hunter found a hoard of silver and bronze Roman coins worth $420,000. Just one year earlier, a discovery of Anglo-Saxon silver, bronze, and iron metalwork netted its finders a cool $4.3 million.

Not bad for an afternoon’s work.

I’m not trying to diminish anyone’s efforts. I know that a lot of data gathering and study goes into finding the larger treasures. Looking up old shipping routes and weather events, for example, or charting the change in a river’s path over the centuries. But whenever stories like these pop up, it’s more often someone just out messing around with a metal detector and stumbling across some fabulous lost fortune.

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1. Gotta work for it

Sure, panning for gold is a lot easier on your back, but everyone knows the real valuable stuff is hidden below the surface.

2. Prospectin’

It’s estimated that 165,000 metric tons of gold has been mined throughout history. A little more than half of that has been used for jewelry and coinage, so there’s an excellent chance of finding some of it. Losing your ring or your wallet is definitely not a new invention.

3. No time clock, either

Ever found money in an old coat pocket? Most of us have. Ever found $500 million in an old coat pocket? Nope. You need a metal detector for that.

4. The Power of Persistence

This is actually good advice for anything. Don’t give up. Power through. Keep asking. Keep learning.

5. It’s elementary

As I mentioned above, a lot of bookwork can go into treasure hunting, just to narrow down the possible locations of that sunken pirate ship, ancient Roman armory, or lost city of gold.

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