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I have a 10-terabyte external hard drive on my desk. It’s the size of a large paperback, cost less than $300, and can hold the entire collection of printed works in the Library of Congress. I keep my system backups, work archive, copies of important legal stuff, and all of my media on it. It’s about half full, and I’ll probably need a bigger one in a couple of years.

That’s the problem with cheap memory: we have plenty of space, so we never throw anything away. Our email boxes overflow, our desktops fill with icons, and we have folders within folders within folders. Keeping that much stuff just because we can means that we have to go digging any time we need to find something, and it can also impact the computer’s performance as processors seize up in surrender.

February 11 is Clean out your Computer Day. Set this day aside to delete old emails, archive past business offline, cut outdated programs, and empty your recycle bin. It’s also a good idea to run all of the latest patches and security updates, clean the registry, or maybe even reinstall the operating system. If any of that is intimidating, call up your favorite computer nerd to help. And to say thank you, give them one of our programmer mugs!

1. If-Then-Else

One of the most important logic chains in programming, now applied to one of the most important beverages in programming.

2. Symbol-Minded

I’m really tempted to make a “hardware” comment or “ports” joke here.

3. Stretch!

Sometimes you just have to get away from the keyboard and go into The Big Room [the outdoors].

4. Toolbox

Programmers drink coffee in order to keep programming coffee makers. It’s the circle of life.


No need to panic. It’s not like everything in the world runs on computers. Wait...

These are just a few of the developer and programmer mugs we stock. Remember, U.S. orders of two or more mugs get free shipping!