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This Little Piggy

They’re the third-smartest animal (behind apes and dolphins), can run a seven-minute mile, and can squeal louder than jet engines. They have incredibly sensitive noses, don’t sweat, and are naturally clean.

They’re also the most popular animal protein in the world.

Pigs are one of the oldest domesticated animals. The first book on pig farming was written about 6000 years ago. And the oldest ancestor of pigs, the entelodont, lived almost 40 million years ago. They were also 7 feet tall, weighed 1000 pounds, and could open their mouths as wide as hippos.

They’d probably be tough to farm. It’s a good thing modern porkers are short and social. Still, imagine how much bacon you could get from that thing.

March 1 is National Pig Day, so whether you keep them as a crop, a pet, or a meal, celebrate with a new pig mug!

1. Expert

Love pigs? Know everything about them? Love to talk about them? Show your passion.

2. Choices

Sometimes only a pig will do. Especially if you’re looking for truffles.

3. With Sauce

People in different geographical areas love to argue about what makes the best barbecue sauce (vinegar), what cuts to use (all of them), and how to properly prepare the meat (slow smoking).

4. Companionship

Pigs learn their names in just two weeks, come when they’re called, and can even play fetch. As friendly as a dog and as self-reliant as a cat, they’re the best of both.

5. Rules

If you want to be happy, this could be one of the best ways to ensure it.

That’s just a brief sample of some of our fun pig mugs. Click that link to see the rest (we’ve got guinea pig mugs, too!). Is there another animal near and dear to you? Look through our collection of animal mugs, or use the tools on our home page for more specific searches. Remember, U.S. orders of two or more mugs get free shipping!