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Three Letters that Mean Unconditional Love

“Just go get Mom, okay?”

How many of us have said this in the face of some disaster in our youth? Mom would know what to do. She’d calm everybody down, fix the problem, make sure we were okay, and if punishment was called for, it probably wouldn’t be as harsh as Dad’s. Mom was always there with relationship advice, parenting tips, and recipe suggestions. She always pushed us to be the best we could be, and helped us get back on track when we fell short.

One day isn’t enough to celebrate all that our mothers do for us, and nothing can repay everything we owe them…

But don’t you dare forget it.

Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 13. You can remind your mom how much she means to the family every day with one of our great Mother’s Day mugs!

1. Mom! Where’s my…

It didn’t matter if it was a favorite shirt or my math homework, my mom knew where it was. I learned that the best hiding spots for contraband was anywhere but my house.

2. Emergency! Dial M-O-M

Caregiver, tailor, cook, nurse… none of us would have survived childhood without Mom backing us up.

3. What have we learned?

I was often stubborn, and my mother would let me fall on my face as a teaching moment. It worked.

4. Liquid Strength

I know that I was a handful as a child, and my kids were the same to me. I’m pretty sure my Mom marked the date I called her to apologize.

5. Forwarding Address

Preacher’s kids and military brats move around a lot as they’re growing up. It’s hard to put down roots in that case, but the one thing we could always count on was that Mom would be there, and that made it bearable.

6. A home instead of a house

Some of my best memories are about nights when Mom would say “Forget the dishes, let’s play a game instead.”

7. Nature vs. Nurture

My mother was an English major. I got my love of reading and pedantic approach to grammar from her. It’s paid off.

8. Wild Child

Some of us were trials as we grew up. If this is you, your mom will appreciate the acknowledgment.

9. The Hardest Job You’ll Love

Again, breakfast in bed or treated to a spa day doesn’t even begin to make up for everything mothers give us. All we can do is say Thank You every day.

10. The index just says “Ask Mom”

As parents, we try to give our kids the benefits of our hard-won knowledge. They never listen, though. All we can do is let them know we’re available for consulting and be ready to catch them.

These are just a small selection of the Mother’s Day mugs we have available. You can also have a mug customized for your mom for an extra-special personalized gift.