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Time to Create in 20-1-8!

There is something deeply satisfying about taking some sort of raw material and turning it into something new. Personally, I sew. I got started when my daughter needed a simple Halloween outfit (a mermaid’s tail – either $120 from a costume supplier or $15 in fabric and materials). After that, I began making my own messenger bags, because the ones I purchased never had pockets exactly where I wanted them. The urge to create is common to most people, whether that’s through painting, writing, cooking, crafting, or whatever, but too many of us stop after saying something like “I think I’d like to try…”

This year, take the plunge. Pick up that paintbrush, get that How-To book, find that old clunker to tinker with. The end results don’t matter because 1) if they’re terrible, you can keep practicing or find something else, 2) if friends and family like what you make, you can give it away as presents, or 3) if strangers like what you make, you might have just found a new business venture.

Not sure which hobby is the right one for you? Check out some of our new mugs for ideas!

1. Woodworking

In a world filled with bolt-together furniture, someone who can fix a loose chair leg or build custom shelving units is pretty close to a superhero.

2. Knitting

When the mercury plummets outside, keep your friends and family toasty warm with hats, scarves, gloves, and blankets.

3. Whittling

It’s woodworking on a smaller scale, without the power saws and the routers. A nice wooden bowl, or a cutting board, is beautiful and practical.

4. Leather Crafting

From decorative belts and wallets to jackets and riding tack, leather working is a great combination of sewing and artistry.

5. Model Building

Trains, jets, movie spaceships…whatever mode of transportation floats your boat (see what I did there?), there are model kits available for it. Even architecture, if that’s your thing.

6. Weaving

Another Art of the Practical, weaving can produce blankets, baskets, rugs, afghans, and more. It’s simple enough in theory but you can achieve some pretty complicated patterns, as anyone who’s tried to recreate a Scottish clan tartan can tell you.

7. Orchid Raising

While raising flowers isn’t the first thing that comes to mind for hobbies, it can be really satisfying to have all of your careful cultivation pay off with a beautiful bloom.

8. Knife Making

Any serious knife user will happily pay a lot of money for the perfect cutting tool. Blade length, one- or two-edged, balance, hilt material… there’s a good business waiting to happen if you can make them to order.

These are just a few of the new mugs we have available beginning in 2018. You can check out the rest of our collections here. And if we haven’t covered your particular hobby yet, you can always get a Custom Mug.