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Tooth Be Told

It is amazing to see how far dental procedures have come, just in my lifetime. I was one of those unfortunate kids that had to have a mouthful of metal braces, with those wires that popped out to puncture your lips and gums. Getting them tightened hurt, too, and you couldn’t eat ice, or popcorn, or bite into apples, or have anything with caramel. Now you can get invisible braces made out of silicon that you can remove when you eat. Similarly, when one of my older fillings cracked and necessitated a root canal, it was a completely painless procedure. Even the filling replacement is as close to natural enamel as you can get, rather than a hunk of metal. My mom always had to fight me to get me into the dentist chair; my kids actually enjoy their visits.

August 22 is National Tooth Fairy Day, so celebrate with one of our dentist mugs!

1. Professional Advice

They went to school for this. They know what they’re talking about. Also available for Dental Hygienists.

2. Support

Unless you’re having lots of procedures, you’ll see more of your hygienist than your dentist.

3. Do What You Love

Even though this really doesn’t apply anymore, it’s still funny.

4. Unavailable

Show everyone how much you support your significant other.

5. Must Have

It’s brush and floss. Your dentist will help, but you have to do your part, too.

These are just a few of the dentist mugs we have available. Remember, U.S. orders of two or more mugs get free shipping!