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Two of Hearts

Valentine’s Day is four weeks away. Are you ready? Have you made reservations for a favorite restaurant or romantic getaway? Picked out the perfect flower arrangement? Got the heart-shaped box of assorted chocolates?

Some sort of gift is usually included, as well. While jewelry is traditional, why limit yourself? You can also surprise your significant other with a practical gift they can use every day. Our Valentine’s mugs will be a constant reminder of how special they are to you!

1. Lovestruck

Poets and songwriters have been trying to define “love” for thousands of years. Save time with this emoji mug.

2. Doctor Love

If you spend your life with someone who can also save it, this is the mug for you.

3. You’ve got the law on your side

And if that’s the same person, all the better!

4. Espresso Your Feelings

Hopefully, your SO enjoys bad puns as much as you do. Or keeps you around despite them, at least.

5. Engaging Drinkware

Valentine’s Day is a very popular choice for proposals, and this mug is a great way to share the announcement with friends, family, and co-workers.

6. Smitten Kitten

A cute way to tell your partner how happy they make you.

7. Still the One

Let her know that she still means as much to you now as the day you first got together. Also available for husbands.

8. Some Days

It’s not always going to be roses and sunshine. Once you acknowledge that, you’ll be able to work through it together.

9. Long-term Plans
Either one of these mugs is good by itself, but together they conjure relaxing evenings on the porch and unhurried weekend mornings. Order both and get free shipping!

10. For Everyone Else

Being single on Valentine’s Day can be a trial.

These are just a few of the Valentine’s mugs we stock. You can also check out our entire inventory for professions, hobbies, and special interests!